npm - Catching Up with Package Lockfile Changes in v7

February 8, 2021 7 min read npm

Introducing the changes that were done in the seventh version of npm for better performance while allowing deterministic and reproducible builds, focusing on the new package-lock.json format (v2) and Yarn's lockfile support.

React - Introducing Server and Shared Components

January 11, 2021 8 min read React Node.js

Explaining the idea behind the new experimental types of React components - Server Components and Shared Components, allowing to have rich interactivity of client-side applications with fast performance in the same ecosystem, leveraging the server-side.

Angular - All Talks from AngularConnect 2019

September 27, 2019 14 min read Angular

A collection of all lectures that were presented during the Europe's largest Angular conference - within one page. Each session includes a concise description and relevant slides.